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Wedding Packages



Up to 5 hours of:


Photo Booth



Up to 6 hours of:


Photo Booth

Second Ceremony Set-Up

Dance Lighting



Up to 6 hours of:


Photo Booth

Second Ceremony Set-Up

Dance Lighting

Audio Guestbook

16 Up-Lights

No Travel Fee



Up to 7 hours of:


Photo Booth

Second Ceremony Set-Up

Dance Lighting

Audio Guestbook

16 Up-Lights

No Travel Fee

Vinyl Record of Songs

Vinyl Record of Messages


Corporate Events & Parties

Pricing Varies depending on what you would like to include, but typically falls between $1200 to $2000.
Please tell us a little about your event in the contact form.


Portland Wedding DJ Photo Booth.jpg


We only schedule one event per day.

The following dates have been booked:

January 20 - APOM

January 26 - Niki & Sean

February 10 - Katie

February 17 - University of Portland

April 19 - Greystar

April 27 - Katie & Brad

May 4 - Katlyn & Ryan

May 25 - Jason & Jeremy

May 26 - Sophia & Steve

June 7 - Mitchell & Cheyanne

June 8 - Pending (Brandon)

June 14 - Ariana & Skyler

June 15 - Lanchi & Nathan

June 18 - Claire & John

June 22 - Sarah & Mike

June 29 - Danielle & Alex

July 6 - Micaela & Patrick

July 12 - Amanda & Stephen

July 20 - Sierra & Austin

July 25 - Pending (Avenue5)

July 28 - Taylor & Clara

August 2 - Eric & Courtney

August 3 - Pending (Kat)

August 4 - Jordan & Colby

August 9 - Lily & Layton

August 10 - Zu'Anna & Antonio

August 18 - Mairin & Jordan

August 24 - Kendall & Tyler

August 31 - Nicolle & Chris

September 6 - Pending (Ann T & Moronae)

September 9 - Allie & Jaiden

September 14 - Donna & Joseph

September 28 - Anna & Galen

October 4 - Krista & Luis

October 5 - Jessica & Aaron

October 12 - Shannon & Julian

October 20 - Pending (Monica & Nate)

December 6 - MEGI Engineering

December 13 - HHPR

December 14 - Geren's 10am - 2pm (Evening Available)


June 21 - Photo Booth Rental (DJ Services Available)

August 9 - Nicole & Kevin

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Portland Wedding DJ Photo Booth.jpg



Are you insured?


Yes, every event has $1,000,000

of liability coverage.

What do you need from the venue?


I bring everything I need, including

tables and black linen.

If the venue has tables for me, great. 

However I always

bring my own just in case.

I also bring all needed extension

cords, adapters etc.

All I need from the venue is a power

outlet for the DJ Booth,

and one near the Photo Booth.


How large is the Photo Booth?

About a 10' x 10' footprint


Do you bring props for your Photo Booth?


Yes, we do.  Clients can also bring their own if they'd prefer.

Can the Photo Booth be Outdoors?

Yes, but under heavy shade is best.

Due to wind, the backdrop cannot be used outdoors.



Do you charge for setting up?


Never, we will arrive at least 1 hour

early to set-up.

This time is off-the-clock. 

Breaking-down is also done after the

event time is reached.

Are you LGBTQ+ Friendly?

Yes!  We are thrilled to be a part of marriage equality. 

All paperwork is available in Gender Neutral, Bride/Bride,

Bride/Groom and Groom/Groom formats.

Are you an MC at events?

Yes, all event packages include MC services.

What type of dance lighting do you offer?


We use state of the art LED lighting that uses less energy,

stays cooler, and has sharper beams than conventional lighting. 




Do you take requests at events?


Yes, assuming the event host wants that.




What type of music do you offer?


The sky is the limit in the digital age. 

We'll be able to find music to cater to any event. 

Please don't be shy about asking for anything before,

or during, your event. 

We are there to serve you.

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